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GST Ready POS Solution For Restaurant


Restaurant POS refers to point of sale (POS) software that runs on computers, usually touch screen terminals or wireless handheld devices. Restaurant POS systems assist businesses to track transactions in real time.
POS system can give you a new level of control over your restaurant operations, helping you increase efficiency, boost profits, and fine-tune inventory management. Switching from a traditional cash register and paper-based orders to a restaurant computer system can be hard, but the return on investment can really make it worth your time and effort.


Review Transaction

Review customer's past transactions and trends.

Lower Costs

Cloud based Solution with minimal or upfront fees, and low monthly fees and finding an option that best suits your business model will most likely be an affordable solution.

Hardware or Software Platform

Posorbis on Cloud Solution works on Windows platforms with an up-to-date browser (Firefox or Chrome are recommended)

Easy Setup

Started with Posorbis point of sale you simply need to sign-up for an account and starts sales.The solution is designed to be up and running quickly.

Take it with you

You have Posorbis wherever you are. Review your shop detail in a snap.

Inventory Management

Posorbis Point of sale added to the system based on the type of company and the complexity of the point of sale system the company has set up. Point of sale inventory management system can manage customer service for the business receipts and inventory. Point of sales system also allow management for customer Transaction detail data to forecast order models and manage reports.

Merchant Management

Merchant Management service enables you to manage the terminals, route and authorize transactions, perform customer service functions, and manage the merchant portfolio with our Point of sale solution.

  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cash management costs
  • Instant access to account information

Employee Management

Simplify every aspect of employee management with everything with multiple features that restrict employees ability to perform discounts, no-sales, voids and price changes.

Restaurant POS