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It's Cool It's Free

Posorbis is one of the coolest services you will ever use… And it’s FREE! You can use Posorbis to order food from your favorite local restaurants. This can be done online or by telephone. Not only that but it can be done in just a few seconds!


1 Order Online

Select your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants at Posorbis.in. You can set up your user information and create “the USUAL” ™ order for any restaurant you choose. Once you’ve setup your favorite meals, you can order by web or by phone at anytime!

2 Order by Phone

Pick up the phone and dial 877-Posorbis, when you’re in a hurry and want to order your favorite food. You will only need to remember one number when ordering your favorite food on the go. No more calling information for the restaurant’s number. You will no longer need to sit on the phone to place an order.

3 Worlds fastest ordering system

Placing an order with Posorbis is faster than ever. Just pick up the phone and dial 877-Posorbis. Select “the USUAL” ™ order desired. After you have made your choice, simply confirm your order and hang up. Call, Choose and Confirm.

4 the “USUAL”™

Set up “the USUAL” ™, or favorite menus. Within seconds, you can order up to nine different restaurant/meal combinations. There’s no easier way to place an order for your favorite meal than Posorbis.

5 Secure

Once you have registered with Posorbis you can be assured that your dining experience is more secure than ever. You will only have to give your billing information one time, ever. There will no longer be a need to pass your credit card to a person. All of your information is safe.

6 It’s Free

Posorbis services are FREE to you. There are no setup fees or registration fees.

7 Reward

When you register with Posorbis, you will automatically be enrolled in the MH Multi-Restaurant Loyalty Rewards Program. You can earn rewards or discounts from many of your favorite restaurants.

8 Charity Giving

For every order you make through Posorbis, you can select a local or national charity for Posorbis to donate to. No additional out-of-pocket cost; all you pay for is your food!

It's Cool It's Free